A relaxing visit to your dentist in Wigmore

Are you a dental patient who gets really anxious about vising the dentist? Don’t worry. You are not alone. Dental phobia is in fact pretty common, and we know all about it and how to help you have a more pleasant experience when you come to us as your dentist in Wigmore. Perhaps you have had a painful experience and now each time you visit the dentist, you can’t help but worry that it’s going to happen again. Perhaps needles scare you. Or is it the sounds of the drill?

Dentist in WigmoreHere at Wigmore Dental Practice, we want to turn that experience around for you, give you a much better experience that gets rid of that old fear and replaces it with good memories to influence future dental visits, so that you will expect to feel comfortable and relaxed when you go for dental treatment.

When you come to us, we will greet you as you walk through our door with friendliness and care. Our reception staff will make sure you have everything you need as you wait for your appointment in our comfortable waiting area.

Meet Dr Ben Mortazavi

Our dentist in Wigmore, Dr Ben Mortazavi will help you relax, having been trained in patient care. He firmly believes that your input to your dental treatment is as important as his own, so that he can fulfil your needs and desires. That is why he takes time to talk to you and will then draw up a written treatment plan, along with full costs, for you to consider before going ahead with any treatment.

During treatment, you can relax, knowing that your dentist in Wigmore actively seeks out and carries through continuing professional development, as do the rest of the staff. We want our knowledge and skills to be always at the forefront of dental care.

And, if you are a nervous patient, you can take heart that this is a perfectly normal response. So much so that these days dentists are trained in ways to take special care of nervous people, both in their treatment manner and in methods of sedation, so that patients can relax throughout their treatment. As for that drill, well, we use a water laser.