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The wonder of cosmetic dentistry

Most of us crave a beautiful and perfect smile that we can flaunt with pride. But not all of us have teeth and gums that we can show off to the world without giving them a second thought. If you have a dental flaw that detracts from the aesthetics of your smile, visit one of our cosmetic dentists at Wigmore Dental Practice. We can suggest various treatments with cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore to beautify your smile, easily and quickly.

Cosmetic Dentistry in WigmoreShow off your pearly whites

Several home teeth whitening toothpastes and gels are available that can attempt to whiten your yellowish or discoloured teeth. But, these products rarely work and you should consider professional teeth whitening as the solution for you.

One of our dentists, who excel in cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, can examine the severity of your dental appearance and suggest the level of procedure required. In most cases, a tooth whitening procedure called Zoom is the best and most effective solution we can offer you. A highly concentrated peroxide gel is applied to your pale teeth after cleaning them thoroughly. Then, laser light is cast on the teeth to activate the gel and whiten your teeth. So, within a matter of 30-90 minutes, you can achieve a complete, white smile.

Damaged or discoloured teeth solutions

If you suffer with chipped, damaged or generally unattractive looking teeth porcelain veneers could be just what you have been looking for to revive your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore. Porcelain veneers solve a wide range of dental problems with minimal effort and time required. Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin layers that are applied to your teeth to hide issues like severely discoloured, cracked or chipped teeth, irregularly shaped teeth and dental decay.

If you choose veneers as your choice for cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, they can last up to 20 years with proper oral hygiene and routine dental visits. The process involves filing your tooth enamel and fixing custom-made veneers with dental adhesives. This means the natural looking smile is achieved in less than a day, making them a very popular choice for our patients who require cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore.

Contemporary care for oral health

The health of your teeth is an important part of your overall health. By making regular visits to a dentist in Wigmore, you’ll give your teeth the attention they deserve. At Wigmore Dental Practice, we offer contemporary dental care in comfortable surroundings. From routine hygiene treatments to cosmetic procedures and tooth replacements, we provide an all-round service to look after your oral health.

We deliver our treatments with tact and efficiency, aiming to improve your quality of life by ensuring your teeth stay in good condition.

Dentist in WigmoreMinimising worries

As a trusted Wigmore dentist, we keep you informed about your treatment every step of the way. We’ll discuss all the available options with you before the beginning of any process, and inform you of the costs, so there’ll be no financial surprises.

All-round care

A large part of the service we provide involves preventive care. Common problems like tooth decay and gum disease begin with signs that are too subtle for youS to detect at home. At twice-yearly check-ups, we can examine your mouth for the early indications of worrying developments. We’ll give oral hygiene advice based on the latest research. Plus, as well as assessing the positioning of your teeth and the levels of erosion, we can screen you for signs of oral cancer.

Repairs and improvements

Having cosmetic dental treatment with a Wigmore dentist can make a big difference to how you feel about your appearance. Many of our patients choose to have their teeth whitened, after years of slow discolouration have led to unsightly stains on the teeth’s enamel surfaces. The simple whitening process will give you a bright and fresh-feeling smile.

If you have missing teeth, we can replace them with highly-customised new ones that look natural in your mouth. As well as dentures, crowns, and bridges, we can provide dental implants. With implants, you can enjoy biting into and chewing your food as you used to with your natural ones.

Financial options

We know that visiting the dentist in Wigmore can sometimes seem daunting because of the potential cost. We offer payment plans to reduce the financial impact of our treatments.

More attractive smiles

The way your teeth look can play a big part in your feelings about your appearance. If your teeth are discoloured or chipped, or there’s a visible gap when you smile, this can lead to long-term dissatisfaction in Wigmore. Cosmetic dentistry, however, offers many ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. At Wigmore Dental Practice, we have experience in providing contemporary solutions to all kinds of cosmetic problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry in WigmoreA wide range of treatments

There are many forms of cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, from one-stop procedures to more complex work involving several visits to our friendly dental practice. A common reason people seek our help is because their teeth have turned a funny colour. Over the years, food and drink can leave behind traces on the teeth’s enamel surfaces. These traces can gradually build up into unsightly stains, especially if your oral hygiene routine is not quite top-notch.

Teeth whitening treatments can create a dazzling shade of whiteness on the outer layer of your teeth. It’s a simple procedure, customised for your comfort, and can often be carried out in your own home.

Chipped teeth are another common cosmetic problem. We can apply veneers – thin pieces of porcelain securely affixed to the teeth – that cover up the chipped areas and give the teeth a professional appearance.

Moving on

In Wigmore, cosmetic dentistry can improve the position of your teeth. You may have a crooked smile, and while this may look unappealing, it will also be hard to keep properly clean. Food particles and bacteria can hide in the awkward spaces your toothbrush has difficulty reaching. Our modern realignment appliances will give you better-looking and healthier teeth. The braces and aligners we use are discreet, highly-customised, and sometimes surprisingly speedy. It may take a little bit of patience to complete the treatment, but once it’s over, you’ll enjoy the benefits for many years.

Transforming the appearance

When there are several factors making you feel bad about how your teeth look, we can work with you to plan a smile makeover. A combination of procedures can bring about a great change in your facial aesthetics. Cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore can really transform your appearance.

Treatments at your local dentist in Wigmore

In the past, the most common reason someone would go to the dentist would be if they had an urgent problem that needed dealing with. Most dentists still offer emergency services like root canals and other emergency procedures, but the bulk of appointments here at Wigmore Dental Practice is for routine check-ups.

The dentist in Wigmore will always stress the importance of keeping regular appointments to check on your oral health. Looking after your teeth is mostly down to you, but it is also vital to get an expert’s advice.

Dentist in WigmoreHow often should I visit my dentist?

The number of times in a year you should visit your dentist in Wigmore depends on a few factors. Lifestyle choices like smoking and what you like to drink can change the number of times in a year you need to visit the dentist.

Smoking greatly increases the risk of gum disease and drinking sugary or acidic drinks can affect the amount of tooth decay that your teeth are subjected to. During a check-up, your dentist will usually also check for signs of mouth cancer.

If our dentist does spot any areas that need treatment, they will book you in for a follow up as soon as possible.

Dental hygiene

Many people, especially smokers and tea or coffee drinkers, will need to have an appointment with a dental hygienist. The dental hygienist will remove any hard to move plaque or tartar. This is known as a scaling and polishing.

The dental hygienist will also give you advice on your eating and drinking habits, brushing method and how often you should clean your teeth in a day.

Cosmetic treatments

We also provide a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help to bring out the natural beauty in your smile. There aren’t many cosmetic issues that can’t be solved with modern dental technologies. If you have problems with the alignment, colour or shape of your teeth, we have something to offer. If you hold back on smiling or laughing because of the state of your teeth, drop in and find out more about how our cosmetic procedures could help give you back confidence in your smile.

Finding the right dentist for you

If you have just moved here, finding a dentist in Wigmore is no doubt on your to-do list. Everyone should go for a check-up at least twice a year, as only the dentist can spot early signs of decay. Patients don’t become aware of this until the problem is much worse.

Because most of us are looking for a dentist who will be with us for many years, it is important to find one that makes you feel comfortable, offers excellent clinical service as well as a range of cosmetic treatments and emergency appointments. Don’t put off finding the right dentist in Wigmore.

Dentist in WigmoreAt Wigmore Dental Practice, we put our hearts and souls into providing high quality care for the whole family. You will be greeted by our friendly and efficient front desk managers. While you wait in our reception area, with its carefully thought-through ambience, you will feel so relaxed that you will pass through your visit to the dentist in Wigmore with a sense of tranquillity.

We know that relaxing at the dentist can be especially challenging for some patients, and that is why we offer conscious sedation. No one should have to go through treatment in a state of high anxiety.

At Wigmore Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on treating each of our patients as an individual person, whom we will serve with respect, care and compassion, whether you are here for a simple check-up or a long and complicated treatment.

Our team of five dentists, headed up by Dr Ben Mortazavi, are highly-skilled and up-to-date in the latest techniques through continual professional development trainings. Between them, they offer the full range of dental treatment areas, from general dentistry to dentistry through pregnancy, for children and for teenagers. There is also an array of cosmetic treatments on offer, as well as ways to protect the teeth, and various options for replacing missing teeth.

But the best way to know if Wigmore Dental Practice is the dentist in Wigmore for you is to pop in and see us. We’d love to meet you and find out how we can help you.

Your new smile makes us happy too

There is nothing quite like a job well done; the satisfaction of standing back to admire your efforts, and saying, ‘See that. I did that’. And with cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, we love seeing patients who come in too ashamed of their teeth to smile, leaving with a great big smile on their face. “That big, fat grin,” we say to ourselves as we wave them off, “We did that.”

At Wigmore Dental Practice in Wigmore, cosmetic dentistry uses modern techniques and technologies to create beautiful, balanced smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry in WigmoreCosmetic dentistry in Wigmore uses a mix of science, skill and artistry to create harmonious smiles. We make sure the colour and alignment of the teeth are correct, and that they are the right size for your mouth and free from chips and cracks, and that your gums enhance rather than detract from your teeth.

When you come in to discuss treatment, we will be able to advise you on which treatments from our full menu of cosmetic dentistry treatment options are best suited to your desired outcome. We’ll also discuss any obstacles that need to be overcome. We’ll give you a written treatment plan with costs.

We can use white composite fillings to replace your mercury amalgam fillings so that you can smile and laugh without the glint of metal showing off your dental history. Cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore can also use white fillings to treat and seal any new cavities.

Our cosmetic dentist can cover your teeth with porcelain veneers. These slip over the tooth like a fixed sheath to improve the colour, shape and appearance of your teeth, hiding chips, cracks and minor misalignments.

We can also fit you with braces that are pretty much invisible to the untrained eye. These will reposition your teeth, and, providing no major bite realignment is required, the treatment could take a matter of months rather than years.

Whatever you choose to have done, you can rest assured that the only other people who will be as delighted as you are at the results is us. We’ll be standing admiring you, saying, “See that smile. We did that.”

A relaxing visit to your dentist in Wigmore

Are you a dental patient who gets really anxious about vising the dentist? Don’t worry. You are not alone. Dental phobia is in fact pretty common, and we know all about it and how to help you have a more pleasant experience when you come to us as your dentist in Wigmore. Perhaps you have had a painful experience and now each time you visit the dentist, you can’t help but worry that it’s going to happen again. Perhaps needles scare you. Or is it the sounds of the drill?

Dentist in WigmoreHere at Wigmore Dental Practice, we want to turn that experience around for you, give you a much better experience that gets rid of that old fear and replaces it with good memories to influence future dental visits, so that you will expect to feel comfortable and relaxed when you go for dental treatment.

When you come to us, we will greet you as you walk through our door with friendliness and care. Our reception staff will make sure you have everything you need as you wait for your appointment in our comfortable waiting area.

Meet Dr Ben Mortazavi

Our dentist in Wigmore, Dr Ben Mortazavi will help you relax, having been trained in patient care. He firmly believes that your input to your dental treatment is as important as his own, so that he can fulfil your needs and desires. That is why he takes time to talk to you and will then draw up a written treatment plan, along with full costs, for you to consider before going ahead with any treatment.

During treatment, you can relax, knowing that your dentist in Wigmore actively seeks out and carries through continuing professional development, as do the rest of the staff. We want our knowledge and skills to be always at the forefront of dental care.

And, if you are a nervous patient, you can take heart that this is a perfectly normal response. So much so that these days dentists are trained in ways to take special care of nervous people, both in their treatment manner and in methods of sedation, so that patients can relax throughout their treatment. As for that drill, well, we use a water laser.

You can trust us to give you the smile you want

Everyone wants to be the proud owner of a smile they can flash with unselfconscious spontaneity. It feels good to smile, which is one reason why, in the past couple of decades, it has become so acceptable to use cosmetic dentistry.

But how do you know which dental practice to go to for your cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore? Cosmetic dental treatment needs to be treated as seriously as other kinds of dentistry, even if the outcome is more to do with appearance than health. That said, a good smile is a strong indication of a healthier mouth, as well-aligned teeth are easier to keep free from disease and decay.

Cosmetic Dentistry in WigmoreAt Wigmore Dental Practice, our staff adhere to the Standards for Dental Professionals set by the General Dental Council. We are all dedicated to offering the best in cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, with our treatments taking place in a welcoming, friendly and relaxing environment.

So, if you want to receive cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, Wigmore Dental Practice can help you with high quality dental care. We offer a range of treatments to help you achieve the ideal smile for you.

What’s on offer?

You have probably heard colleagues and friends talk about cosmetic dental treatments, such as veneers, cosmetic bonding and white fillings, or invisible braces. We also offer teeth whitening, which is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment worldwide.

You may already know what you would like to have fixed. Sometimes even a tiny imperfection, like one tooth that is out of alignment with all the rest, can be enough to leave us feeling self-conscious and suppressing our smiles. There may be so many things you’d like to change that you don’t know where to start.

The best thing to do in that case is to come and ask us for a consultation for a smile makeover. This is when we combine more than one treatment to create the smile you want. It involves careful planning so that the treatments happen in the right order for maximum effect. For example, it’s no good getting your teeth veneered before you get them whitened as porcelain veneers do not respond to bleaching.

Helping you to keep your teeth

Many people associate the dentist in Wigmore with drills and filings. It could be a hangover from childhood, or subconscious thoughts and feelings arising from how dentistry is portrayed in films and the media. The dentist is often shown as a slightly sinister figure poised to extract teeth at any moment.

Nothing could be further from the truth. While it was the case many years ago that due to a lack of oral health education and regular check-ups, by the time people got to the dentist in Wigmore some kind of intervention was necessary to preserve or replace teeth. According to National Smile Month, in 1978, as many as 37% of UK adults had no natural teeth.

However, as more people are visiting the dentist regularly and keeping their teeth in good condition in between consultations, modern dentistry can happily focus on prevention rather than cure. In 2017, only 6% of UK adults have a full replacement set of teeth.

Dentist in WigmorePromoting prevention

At Wigmore Dental Practice in Wigmore, we promote prevention as soon as is possible. We recommend that parents bring children for their first dental appointment as soon as their milk teeth start to come through, so they can get used to the environment while they are young and know that it is nothing to be afraid of. We can also advise about brushing technique for little ones and provide brushes and toothpaste that’s made specially for them.

And prevention is not just for kids. Regular visits to the hygienist help our adult patients to keep their teeth free of plaque, and you can ask our hygienist for advice on good oral health practices you can implement at home.

We also offer mouth cancer screening, quit smoking sessions and fresh breath clinics to help to head off problems before they start.

Call in today

To find out more about how we can help you and your family avoid expensive and painful remedial dental work, send us an email, give us a call or drop into the surgery for more about preventative dentistry and advice on how our dentist in Wigmore can help you keep yourself in the best oral health possible.

Getting help to straighten your teeth

Does your appearance make you smile? Or do you wish that you looked different? Chipped, broken, missing, misaligned or discoloured teeth have a negative impact on your oral health and can affect your appearance. Worrying about how you look inevitably affects your quality of life, as it undermines the enjoyment you feel and how you express yourself. At Wigmore Dental Practice, we know that looking after your teeth is about more than just physical wellbeing. It is also about feeling great and looking attractive, so we are proud to offer cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore so that you can enhance your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry in WigmoreLove your smile

If you smile with confidence then your day will probably feel better. At our practice in Wigmore, cosmetic dentistry has helped many of our patients feel more positive about engaging with others by giving them a smile that they are proud of. Cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to enhancing your smile through a variety of techniques. Whatever you would like to change about your teeth, we can discuss options that can help you. The first stage is to speak with your dentist and find out which treatment or combination of approaches will best meet your needs. We listen to what you want to achieve and are proud to offer a friendly and highly skilled service. When you use us for cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, you can be confident that you will receive the care you require and get the results you want.

Treatment to suit you

Cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore has allowed many people to achieve the smile of their dreams. We offer a full range of options from veneers and white fillings to teeth whitening and invisible braces. We can also discuss treatments such as dental implants with you if you are missing teeth. Modern techniques are faster, more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before. For example, the Inman Aligner brace can be removed for special occasions and is barely visible, apart from a single clear wire.

Many people enjoy brighter smiles thanks to cosmetic dentistry. Wigmore is the home of Wigmore Dental Practice and we look forward to helping you enjoy a happier, more confident future.