Helping you to keep your teeth

Many people associate the dentist in Wigmore with drills and filings. It could be a hangover from childhood, or subconscious thoughts and feelings arising from how dentistry is portrayed in films and the media. The dentist is often shown as a slightly sinister figure poised to extract teeth at any moment.

Nothing could be further from the truth. While it was the case many years ago that due to a lack of oral health education and regular check-ups, by the time people got to the dentist in Wigmore some kind of intervention was necessary to preserve or replace teeth. According to National Smile Month, in 1978, as many as 37% of UK adults had no natural teeth.

However, as more people are visiting the dentist regularly and keeping their teeth in good condition in between consultations, modern dentistry can happily focus on prevention rather than cure. In 2017, only 6% of UK adults have a full replacement set of teeth.

Dentist in WigmorePromoting prevention

At Wigmore Dental Practice in Wigmore, we promote prevention as soon as is possible. We recommend that parents bring children for their first dental appointment as soon as their milk teeth start to come through, so they can get used to the environment while they are young and know that it is nothing to be afraid of. We can also advise about brushing technique for little ones and provide brushes and toothpaste that’s made specially for them.

And prevention is not just for kids. Regular visits to the hygienist help our adult patients to keep their teeth free of plaque, and you can ask our hygienist for advice on good oral health practices you can implement at home.

We also offer mouth cancer screening, quit smoking sessions and fresh breath clinics to help to head off problems before they start.

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