What does cosmetic dentistry mean?

Your smile says a lot about you. If you aren’t confident it could be due to your teeth, and cosmetic dentistry could help you to improve your look and boost your self-confidence. We have a range of treatments for cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore that are bound to help put a big smile back on your face.

Here are some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures we have available…

cosmetic-dentistry-kentTeeth whitening

The results of teeth whitening are pretty much immediate. A whitening gel is applied to your teeth by the dentist and that gel is then exposed to a blue light. Results vary from person to person, and some patients with bad staining may need more than one treatment, but generally speaking after just an hour and a half, you will be free to leave and will have a new whiter shade of tooth.

Teeth straightening

If your teeth are crooked and out of joint, they can be gradually straightened in a safe and painless manner. No need to worry about unsightly metal braces as we can use Invisalign clear braces which are made bespoke to each patient’s teeth. These plastic aligners can help to correct gaps, overbites, under bites, crowded, or wonky teeth.

Dental implants

Cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore isn’t just about following the latest trends, sometimes it’s about changing your life for the better. Dental implants are ideal if you have missing teeth, as they won’t move around in your mouth or irritate your gums. An artificial titanium tooth root (screw) is fitted into the jaw which then fuses with the bone and is used to hold a replacement tooth or denture securely in place. The results are dramatic and when taken care of properly, can last for up to twenty years!

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are the perfect solution for a gap in your teeth, a broken tooth or uneven teeth. The veneers will be matched to your existing teeth to give off a completely natural look, so natural that it is really hard to tell the difference. Veneers can also be used to give you a whiter smile if your teeth are discoloured from food, smoking, or old age.

To discover more about any of our cosmetic dentistry treatments please don’t hesitate to contact Wigmore Dental Practice where our friendly staff are on hand to help you.

Americans do NOT have better teeth than the British

Shock horror! For years British people have been told they have bad teeth, however according to Sarah Knapton of The Times, there is no proof of these slanderous comments. Americans, who are stereotypically thought to have perfect teeth, have been taunting the British for years about our poor teeth. A study conducted by The University College London and Harvard university says British teeth are actually no worse than American teeth, in fact, Americans have MORE missing teeth! Well… put that in your pipe and smoke it America (actually don’t as it may cause teeth problems) if it isn’t a classic case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’. Saying that…before us Brits get on our high horse… Dr Richard Marques, of Wimpole Street Dental, says that Americans definitely believe that a good smile is important and value it more than the British.

cosmetic-dentistry-wigmoreGet that great smile with cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore

The importance of a good smile is slowly catching on in Britain, but the Americans are still way ahead of us with that one. Wigmore Dental Practice wants to close that gap. They know that their cosmetic treatments can make you feel more confident about your smile. Wigmore cosmetic dentistry includes treatments and procedures such as: Veneers, teeth straightening and teeth whitening. Veneers can drastically improve the appearance of teeth It’s a procedure that’s not considered to be major as thin pieces of porcelain are bonded to your existing teeth, and are used to fix the appearance of teeth chips, unevenness, discolouring, and small gaps – they really are an excellent choice of cosmetic dentistry. Wigmore patients can benefit from braces to enable them to straighten out any crooked teeth. I know what you’re thinking… the words ‘braces’ and ‘benefit’ shouldn’t even be in the same sentence right? However, the practice offers Invisalign clear braces; these braces are almost invisible to the eye, allowing you to wear them with discretion and confidence. As an additional benefit, the braces are removable so they can be taken out when eating and brushing your teeth! it’s all sounding much better now isn’t it? To find out more information on the treatments of cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, or to arrange a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Wigmore Dental Practice.